Scarlett Vespa Podcast

Mini-Sessions Fuel for Your Brand with Tricha {Ep 1}

February 9, 2019

1 Do ONE thing everyday.

Tricha needed to set a new neural pathway to head towards her goal, so she is going to do ONE thing everyday, no matter how small that is heading in the direction of her vision.

2 Have your DOUBTS and keep going.

I think most of us have doubts about what to do next or feeling unsure or unsafe about our decisions, the key is to become the observer of them, see the belief and then keep going. They don’t mean anything, they are just a thought.

3 Don’t overthink – FEEL.

Being in our head too much can drive us mad – literally! When those decisions swirl around, funnel all of them into your heart and see what settles. It’s a wonderful test.  Then say 3 ideas that you settle with, process them, see when you unpack them what feels right and doesn’t. Don’t choose something that needs FIXING, choose that easy – feels good place. If you don’t feel really happy about any, then keep ALLOWING more to come.


love + sparkle


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